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About Us

OpenWork is a boutique coworking consultancy based in Austin, Texas. We were founded by veterans of the coworking industry, and continue to add other veterans to the team. Combined, we have 30+ years of experience in the industry. We formed to help others- real estate investors/developers and companies- understand, strategize, and implement coworking solutions in their own buildings and companies. This includes educating clients in the specifics of the industry, and helping others develop their own brands as a white label service.

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We believe that, when designed and managed with the grains of human nature, work brings out the best in people and organizations. The combination of technology and new forms of community are making this more and more possible. The coworking movement is an important part of this process. Coworking is a business, yes, but a business that works because it is organic and not overly about ‘business.’

“If you spend eight hours of your day at work, and eight hours at home, there is no reason why your workplace should be any less of a community than your home.” – Christopher Alexander


The consultants behind OpenWork are globally recognized pioneers in the coworking industry: Drew Jones, Ph.D., management professor, writer, consultant, co-founder of SHIFT Workspace, and former partner at Conjunctured; and David Walker, co-founder of Conjunctured, serial entrepreneur, designer, community activist, and community manager extraordinaire. Liz Elam, Founder of Link Coworking and Executive Producer of GCUC (Global Coworking Unconference Conference). Most recently added to the team, Benjamin Dyett Co-Founder of Grind. Craig Baute, owner Creative Density, one of Denver’s first coworking spaces, Feasibility Consultant, Speaker at GCUC and Denver Startup Week, Market Research specialist for Fortune 500 brands. Iris Kavanagh, Previously Chief Community Officer of NextSpace, Expertise includes: Coworking Staff, Community and Facilities Management; Driving Growth with Strategic Community Building. Jerome Chang, Architect, creator of BLANKSPACES, a progressive workspace environment for creative professionals.

drew pic Andrew Jones, Ph.D.
Austin, Texas
david-pic-bw-300x274 David H Walker
Austin, Texas
Liz_Elam Liz Elam
Austin, Texas
benjamin-dyett Benjamin Dyett
New York, New York
Iris Kavanagh Iris Kavanagh
Santa Cruz, California
Craig Baute Craig Baute
Denver, Colorado
  Tony Bacigalupo
Boulder, Colorado
Jerome Chang Jerome Chang
Los Angeles, California
greg-lindsay Greg Lindsay
Advisor/Board Member
NYC, New York