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Enterprise Coworking

Coworking is the 'new office'
Enterprise Coworking
for culture change.
Coworking Strategy

Our consultancy was originally founded on the vision of helping firms (large and small) bring coworking in-house. We refer to this as enterprise coworking.  In some parts of the world we see activity based working taking off as a workplace mobility solution.  For us, though, enterprise coworking accomplishes similar goals but with a more sustainable and practical methodology.

As Millennials and Gen Xers take on more prominent roles in organizations, forward-looking companies are adapting the whole employment brand to better attract and retain top talent.  This entails providing ‘ways of working’ to employees that maximize choice, autonomy, flexibility, and mobility.

Coworking, as a new mode of working, has as much relevance inside firms as it does outside.  We think that, over time, more and more companies will design and manage their corporate campuses around the basic principles of coworking.

drivers of modern workforce

There are two paths forward for companies seeking to enhance their employment brand in such a way to better attract and retain talent- an off-campus strategy and an on-campus strategy.

Two methods
From concept...to coworking.
Off-Campus Strategy

For firms seeking primarily to rationalize real estate costs and/or experiment with telecommuting, empowering employees to work from a local coworkng space (egs. Include- Merck, GE, Dell, Samsung, Unilever, Microsoft, HSBC, Accenture, Amazon.com, among many others).  

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On-Campus Strategy

On the other hand, some firms are now choosing to create open, dynamic, and flexible work environments on campus.  These often take the form of Activity Based Working campuses, where no employees have a fixed office and employees come and go according to their own rhythms. In many respects ABW is akin to enterprise coworking.

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As firms embrace the design and flow elements of coworking, we often see them at a crossroad:
Coworking catalyzes culture change.