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Deliver inspiring and activated spaces.

We Are OpenWork.
We believe workspace can be unbound, inspirational, human, healthy.

The OpenWork Agency is a boutique workplace strategy consultancy with roots in the coworking industry. We help asset owners and tenant companies incorporate elements of coworking and the ‘social workplace’ into their workplace and workforce strategies. For asset owners and property managers, we help them adapt their portfolios to the changing use patterns and demands for more social and collaborative work environments. For companies, we help create more flexible and social work environments so they can better attract and retain top talent and empower them to collaborate and innovate more effectively.

We have over forty years of combined coworking operating experience in our team, and have backgrounds in corporate real estate, enterprise hardware sales, corporate culture consulting, and marketing prior to our involvement in the coworking industry.  Our experience ranges across the value chain of the industry, and we offer a suite of services that addresses key changes occurring both in the corporate real estate sector as well as inside organizations as they adapt to the changing world of work. 


Drew Jones, PhD

Drew Jones, Ph.D., is an organizational consultant, management professor, and writer. He has consulted with large and small firms over the past 15 years, and has written three books, including the first book (co-written) on coworking. His most recent book, The Fifth Age of Work: How Companies Can Re-Design Work to be More Innovative in a Cloud Economy– provides a roadmap to a future world of work. He has been involved in coworking since 2007, and most recently was co-owner and partner at Conjunctured Coworking– Austin, Texas’ first coworking space. He is based in Austin, Texas.

Drew has been a speaker at the Global Coworking Unconference Conference (GCUC) and at Steelcase Workspring on the topic of Future of Work.


David Walker

David Walker is a  Partner at OpenWork Agency, a global workplace strategy consultancy with roots in the coworking industry.  One, of the original pioneers of the global coworking movement, David brings nearly a decade of experience working in the coworking industry. Prior to co-founding OpenWork Agency, David co-founded and led operations at Conjunctured (2008-2014) in Austin, one of the original fifty coworking spaces in the world. Conjunctured received global acclaim for not only being an innovative workspace alternative, but also for its unique community-first approach to work and thought leadership in the coworking industry. Today, there are 65 coworking spaces in Austin and over 16,000 spaces across the world.

Walker graduated in 2006 with a Marketing degree from The McCombs School of Business at The University of Texas along with a concentration in Sociology. David’s personal mission is to help evolve outdated models of work into dynamic, ecosystems of collaboration.


Benjamin Dyett

Benjamin was a mild-mannered lawyer who woke up one day and, together with some partners, decided, Hey, let’s change the future of work.

So, along with his friends, Stuart and Karina, and Co:, Cool Hunting, Behance, Magic + Might and Breakfast, he created Grind, a platform for working in a whole new way, outside the system. Built for free-range humans who carry their offices in their backpacks, Grind is the antidote to everything you knew about work. It’s dedicated to taking all of the frustrations of the old work experience and pulverizing them to a dust so fine it actually oils the wheels of the machine (sorry, old work experience, but you had it coming).

Throughout his career, Benjamin has founded, funded, operated and advised successful start-ups. He has long experience in real estate and corporate law, has represented financial institutions and prominent businesspeople, owned his own consulting firm, and has always been at the epicenter of where business and imagination meet.

Workplace Strategist, Co-Founder of @grindspaces, the Antidote to the Office, Grill Master, Sailing Enthusiast, Blues Lover


Liz Elam

Liz has become a prominent voice in the coworking movement. Since opening Link Coworking in 2010, the company has become a hub for Austin’s innovators, giving them an ideal place to create and connect. She is a founding member and was the first President of the League of Extraordinary Coworking spaces (LEXC) and helped form Coshare. She has hosted the annual Global Coworking Unconference Conference (GCUC) for four years running, bringing together key influencers in coworking from all over the globe. Recently GCUC expanded to Canada, Australia, South America, and has a big announcement coming soon…

Liz has been featured in the New York Times (3 times), CNBC, CNN, MSNBC, Wall Street Journal, Entrepreneur, Inc. and numerous other outlets. She has visited 200+ coworking spaces around the world.


Christine Andrews

After over 20 years working for leading multinational advertising agencies, Canada’s Olympic Broadcast Media Consortium and as a consultant, I identified an opportunity in the market donned my entrepreneurial hat and in May of 2013 opened Acme Works, a coworking space in downtown Toronto.

My years working in marketing, advertising and communication taught me that collaboration is the key to creativity and productivity and I am proud to be contributing to a sustainable business model based on cooperation and knowledge sharing. In addition to providing the infrastructure and services required for success I offer my support, expertise and advice to the start-ups, independents, consultants and businesses that call Acme Works home. I also leverage my network of business experts to provide resources when necessary.

Christine joined OpenWork Agency as a Partner in November, 2017.

Strategy + Change Management Consultant

Sven Govaars

Formerly a consulting leader at Gensler, Sven actively works with business leaders facilitating workplace strategy and workforce change. He is known for generating insights and amplifying the strength of teams using design thinking in innovative and creative workshops.

Sven is a member of IFMA, CoreNet Global and the International Association of Facilitators. He is a Fitwel Ambassador, holds MCR and SLCR designations and written for Office Insight, Work Design and the Leader. He’s created iPad apps measuring the value of human capital and for using iBeacons in the workplace.

Specialties: Design Thinking, Organization Strategy, Workplace Design, Change Management, Alignment Review


Craig Baute

Craig Baute is the founder of Creative Density and the Denver coworking coalition, Denver Coworks. He has been active in the coworking scenes of Michigan, Canada, and Colorado since 2009. He is a coworking consultant, specializing in strategy and analysis for economic development and property owners. Associate market researcher with an MBA and a specialty in consumer and industry research, new product development, web advertising, and design thinking.

Specialties: Consumer Research, Industry Research, Strategic Planning, New Product Development.

Craig is a board member of CoShare, the first coworking association in the USA



Iris Kavanagh

As the Chief Community Officer of NextSpace, I helped grow the company from an idea to nine locations – and counting. My primary role was to communicate and instill the organization’s culture in each new location. My guidance helped the staff develop vibrant communities, push the definition of collaboration, and convey the culture to visitors and prospective new employees. As part of an amazing team, I helped build NextSpace Coworking into one of the most successful coworking companies in the world. Along the way, I co-founded the two coworking industry associations, LExC and COSHARE, and co-developed industry specific events including leading the unconference at GCUC for two years.

Expertise includes: Coworking Staff, Community and Facilities Management; Driving Growth with Strategic Community Building



Jerome Chang

Jerome is a licensed architect and entrepreneur. He founded and designed BLANKSPACES in 2008, the first in Southern California, and one of the first coworking spaces in the U.S. He has always focused on crafting creative office experiences for both his own and private clients’ spaces. As an owner-architect-operator, he has gained unique insights into how collaborative spaces work, and more particularly, how to design revenue generating spaces.

Jerome holds a Master of Architecture degree from Harvard University; Master of Engineering and Bachelors of Science degrees from Cornell University.

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Tony Bacigalupo

Tony Bacigalupo is a director at Open Coworking, a nonprofit that advocates for coworking worldwide. An avid organizer, Tony has been working on the development of coworking communities and support ecosystems for the new workforce since 2007.

He was cofounder and Mayor of NYC’s first dedicated coworking space, New Work City, from 2008 to 2015. He’s also the organizer of the Coworking Community NYC Meetup and co-organizer of the Dynamic Coworking Meetup.

Tony has experience consulting urban-level community development projects, including the Tony Hsieh’s Downtown Project in Las Vegas, Bell Works in Holmdel, NJ, the 312 Main project in Vancouver, and the Hive at 55 (now LMHQ) in Lower Manhattan (the first coworking space run by a Business Improvement District).

Tony also has authored one book and co-authored another (No More Sink Full of Mugs: Lighten your workload, increase participation, and build better culture in your coworking space and I’m Outta Here: How coworking is making the office obsolete), and has spoken at various events around the world including SXSW, GCUC, and Maker Faire.

Learn more about Tony on TwitterFacebook, or LinkedIn.

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Advisor/Board Member

Greg Lindsay

Greg Lindsay is a journalist, urbanist, futurist, and speaker. He is a contributing writer for Fast Company, author of the forthcoming book Engineering Serendipity, and co-author ofAerotropolis: The Way We’ll Live Next. He is also a non-resident senior fellow of The Atlantic Council’s Strategic Foresight Initiative, a senior fellow of the World Policy Institute, a visiting scholar at New York University’s Rudin Center for Transportation Policy & Management, and a research affiliate of the New England Complex Systems Institute (NECSI).

Greg co-authored the October 2014 Harvard Business Review article, “Workspaces That Move People

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