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WE DEFINE ‘OPENWORK’ as a way of working where employees have choice and flexibility regarding when, where, and how they work.

Change Management Services

Introducing the LEMR Change Program

Covid-19 has taught us that work can be done anywhere. The when, where, and how of work is changing before our eyes. But this does not mean that working from home is for everyone, nor does it mean that the office is going away. What it means is that work is simply changing, and that different people thrive in different places as they engage in different activities.




Contradictions: Inclusive Design for All Generations Wednesday, June 17 10:00am–11:00am CDT [NC017 CEU] In light ...

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Hello, Welcome to the first issue of our newsletter- Humans @Work. In this series we will share some of our own thoughts...

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Who is OpenWork?

Who is OpenWork?

OpenWork is a workplace strategy, culture, and change management agency. We help companies transition to better and more human-centered ways of working.

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New White Paper.

Workplace strategy and change management are being affected during the Covid-19 epidemic. What is our perspective at OpenWork? Read our latest white paper.

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