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WE DEFINE ‘OPENWORK’ as a way of working where employees have choice and flexibility regarding when, where, and how they work.

Change Management Services

Three Workplace Scenarios for Change.

How will the future of workspaces change in the age of COVID-19? This new service helps workplace leaders generate three effective scenarios for their company’s future




Hello, Welcome to the first issue of our newsletter- Humans @Work. In this series we will share some of our own thoughts...

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Leaping Across the Chasm Over the past several weeks millions of Americans have been forced to use technologies in ways ...

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In a previous book- The Fifth Age of Work– I began with a simple but perhaps odd question: What would HR...

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Who is OpenWork?

Who is OpenWork?

OpenWork is a workplace strategy, culture, and change management agency. We help companies transition to better and more human-centered ways of working.

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New White Paper.

Workplace strategy and change management are being affected during the Covid-19 epidemic. What is our perspective at OpenWork? Read our latest white paper.

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