Execution of company strategy, it is well established, can easily be undermined if company culture is not aligned with the strategy.

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Culture Transition Program

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OpenWork’s culture transition program assists companies in better understanding how, when, and where their people are most effective. The program empowers employees to be themselves, so they can do their best work.

Learn how our people-focused culture strategy, enabled through our corporate coworking program, can create a future-focused employment value proposition (EVP) that attracts the best and brightest young talent.

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Learn about our corporate coworking program

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Blog: Corporate Coworking is a Thing: Now What?

[edgtf_separator position="left" color="#ec008c" top_margin="15px" bottom_margin="29px"][edgtf_section_subtitle subtitle_text="Over the past five years more and more companies- small, medium, and large- have embraced coworking as part of their workplace strategy. It is now w..." text_align="left"]
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