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Coworking spaces have evolved to meet th...

Today’s workers are more mobile and more independent than ever before, and they are looking for flexible workspaces that can keep up with their lifestyle. Coworking spaces have responded by offering memberships that allow access to multiple locations, extended hours, and on-demand workspace. In addition, many coworking spaces now offer additional services such as childcare, wellness programs, and social events. As the workforce continues to evolve, the coworking industry will need to continue to adapt to meet the changing needs of workers.

hybrid workplace strategy

The Evolution of a Hybrid Workplace Stra...

As the world of work continues to evolve, so too must the workplace itself.


Hybrid Workplaces and Intelligent Buildi...

In order to create a smart workplace, you need the right technology in place. This technology includes connected building software, which allows for all of the different systems in your office to communicate with each other and for users to have the ability to have a sense of autonomy around their workplace.

hybrid workplace strategy

Why does a corporate metaverse belong in...

There are numerous Metaverse platforms that exist today, each with their own unique value propositions and appeals to different types of uses and users.


Anthropology for Leaders

To the extent that both empathy and innovative corporate strategies are derived from broad cultural intelligence and curiosity about others and their worldviews, I would suggest that anthropology is uniquely situated to become a go-to social science in the development of corporate leaders.

Openwork Conversations

OpenWork Conversations

To grow our own knowledge base, and to share that with others, we created OpenWork Conversations. OpenWork Conversations is an interview series with thought leaders we admire, where we invite them to share their insights around a variety of hybrid-related topics.