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Coworking since 2008.

OpenWork Agency is a boutique, global workplace strategy and coworking consultancy founded by industry pioneers, Andrew Jones, Ph.D. and David Walker. As a consultancy, we have helped model, design, and launch coworking businesses throughout the world- in the US, the Middle East, Africa, Asia, Latin America, and the Caribbean. Having been in the coworking industry for over a decade, members of the OpenWork team have published extensively, and have written both the first book on coworking as well as the first book on corporate coworking.

We are best known for being the first full-service coworking consultancy in the world, specializing in helping real estate clients maximize revenue per square foot, via the coworking premium. We’ve supported clients from individual entrepreneurs to multi-billion-dollar REITs. Recently we’ve introduced a Corporate Culture Consulting Practice, that is focused on helping corporations build agile cultures and workplaces (inspired by the coworking model).

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