Design Your Own Future

Since 2008

OpenWork is a ‘future of work’ agency.

We believe that people deserve better employee experiences (EX) than are often available. Grounded in anthropology, human-centered design, and the culture of coworking, we help organizations create spaces and experiences that fulfill employees and support their best work.

We are an experienced team of designers, strategists, anthropologists, HR professionals, and management consultants who have been working at the nexus of culture/space/design for over a decade.

The Future of Work

We partner with organizations to help them create their own unique approach to flexible and hybrid working. Our vision for a better and more sustainable world of work is the Open Organization. Open organizations are those that operate according to the open source principles of agile working.

  • Transparency
  • Inclusivity
  • Collaboration
  • Agency
  • Adaptability
  • Community

Open organizations thrive in workspaces that allow for flexibility, activity-based choices, and maximum fluidity. Not open-plan offices; rather, spaces that are more coworking-like and activity-based, with choice and voluntary association at the core. We help our clients find their unique path into the future of work.

How to create workspaces and experiences where people want to show up even when they don’t have to?

We believe in the power of space, as a hub of culture, community, collaboration and company identity. In the context of Covid-19 and hybrid working, we help organizations solve for one of today’s critical problems, how to create space where people want to be.

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