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About Us

OpenWork is a workplace strategy, culture, and change management agency. We help companies transition to better and more human-centered ways of working.

Our Team

Our team subscribes to a ‘build to think’ change management approach to creating sustainable employee experiences, so that companies can achieve more through their people. The where, when, how, and why of work define the experience of working for an organization, and thus our mandate is equally about design and culture. Our team is a collective of HR consultants, executive coaches, coworking strategists, graphic designers, and workplace designers. Over the past six years we have developed a portfolio of workplace strategy projects around the world. We are based in Austin, TX. 

Partner Program
We’re always on the lookout for relevant collaborators and delivery partners.
We believe in the power of open organizations.

We believe in the power of open organizations.

People are most effective in their work when they can choose where and when they work. Choice and flexibility go hand in hand with agency. Human agency makes people happy and whole. Coworking leaders have known this for years- people who work in coworking spaces are happier than people who work elsewhere. Today, as companies adapt to a more distributed work ecosystem in the context of Covid-19, the values of coworking- autonomy, trust, choice, community, flexibility, work/life balance- take on a new significance.

OpenWork Values