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About Us

OpenWork is a workplace strategy, culture, and change management agency. We help companies transition to better and more human-centered ways of working.

Our Team

Our team subscribes to a ‘build to think’ change management approach to creating sustainable employee experiences, so that companies can achieve more through their people. The where, when, how, and why of work define the experience of working for an organization, and thus our mandate is equally about design and culture. Our team is a collective of HR consultants, executive coaches, coworking strategists, graphic designers, and workplace designers. Over the past six years we have developed a portfolio of workplace strategy projects around the world. We are based in Austin, TX. 
Humans @Work, An OpenWork Newsletter

Humans @Work, An OpenWork Newsletter

As the world goes through a massive and collective reset, we too have been using the current moment to think about our future and how we can better serve our clients. Some people have already thrown up their hands as if to say that everything is forever broken and nothing will ever be the same again. It may be true that things won’t ever be the same...

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Partner Program

As an agile-minded agency we’re always on the lookout for relevant collaborators and delivery partners.