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Humans @Work Issue #1

Hello, Welcome to the first issue of our newsletter- Humans @Work. In this series we will share some of our own thoughts as well as those of other companies and individuals who inspire us. We hope you find it useful, and we would love to hear

OpenWork dot Design

Over the past five years we have been helping asset owners and real estate developers with their various coworking projects. Some of these have been at the early stage, conducting feasibility assessments to get to a go/no-go decision, while others have been turnkey projects. Turnkey projects

OpenWork Partner, David Walker- panelist at 18HX

Please join PDR for 18HX— Eighteen Hacks Enjoy craft drinks, small bites and inspiring conversation among friends. 18HX brings together a panel of six expert “hackers” who traffic in Cultural Capital. Each of our guests will reveal how they are actively reprogramming the realms of Hospitality, Social Impact, Brand Identity, Data Science,

Thanks to GCUC in NYC

Really enjoyed the conference. Great to be there and see so many friends and meet new people in the coworking industry! [View the story "GCUC NYC 2017" on Storify] Here's an insightful article recapping the event: 14 Takeaways from GCUC 2017 in New York City