Flexible Office Conference: See you at GWA in Miami Sept 11 – Sept 13

Flexible Office Conference: See you at GWA in Miami Sept 11 – Sept 13

OpenWork Agency, Partners, Benjamin Dyett and Liz Elam, will be attending this year’s GLOBAL WORKSPACE ASSOCIATION’s Flexible Office Conference

Workspace As a Service 3.0

This year, the GWA’s flexible office conference looks at the next evolution of the industry, engaging flexible office providers, users and service/product vendors in a forward-looking dialogue to shape the industry’s future. At this year’s event, you will meet the people investing in the industry (we’re calling this “meet the money”), and meet the corporate users that many think will be the sustainability driver for the next generation of spaces.

Come for the content, stay for the beach…and the pool…and the gym…and the food..at the 1 Hotel South Beach. Our promise to you is to keep the conversation compelling enough to keep you off the beach…we’ll let you go as far as the pool bar between 9 am and 3 pm. The hotel hosts the first “Spartan Gym” and sits next to a Soul Cycle. The food is amazing and the beach beverages are plentiful.

  DEEP DIVE INTO THE FUTURE   Two facilitated and highly interactive sessions: “Deep Dive on Attracting Corporate Users” and “Deep Dive into the Future of Shared Workspace.”
  MEET THE MONEY   Get an inside look at the investors in today’s flexible office. Hear directly from asset owners, investors, and lenders.
 BUILD YOUR BUSINESS SESSIONS    Hosted by Casey Clark and Dave LeVeque with Cultivate Advisors. Take a deep dive into your business needs in leadership or marketing.
  THE FUTURE OF COMMERCIAL REAL ESTATE   Commercial real estate is evolving. What role does shared workspace play in this future environment? How are the models shifting and what are the opportunities?
  FINANCING BREAKOUT SESSIONS    Two separate sessions focus on unique financing and traditional financing. Choose your own adventure and get all of your questions answered in an open forum.

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