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Dear Beta Partners,

Thank you for visiting the beta site for our new employee flexibility program. We are offering Phase I of the program (Discovery and Analysis) as a free service to help us refine and iterate on the program.  Phase I consists of a suite of four (very short) surveys. The program has been designed to help those companies that are looking to close the ‘flexibility gap by embracing ‘new ways of working’ as part of their talent management and culture building processes.  ‘New ways of working’ can include activity based working (ABW), coworking, flex work programs or hybrid combinations of these.  

There are four surveys in the suite, and they are best taken in sequence.  The surveys will need to be completed by a representative sample of employees in order to be efficacious.  Each survey is somewhat self explanatory, but in general they are designed to help identify:

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  • What type of knowledge worker are you?
  • What is your current work routine and space utilization like?
  • What are current levels of energy and engagement?
  • To what extent is company culture adaptable to ABW and coworking?


For participating in the beta program, we will produce a report (with a brief analysis) outlining the data.  We greatly appreciate your participation, and we are hopeful that this discovery process will provide value to you as you plan your workplace strategy for 2020.

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Thank you again,

The OpenWork Team

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