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Coworking in a Holistic Perspective

As long-standing participants in the coworking industry, the partners at OpenWork Agency have seen the industry evolve since the beginning. What was once a social movement is now a sure enough industry. Depending on what...

Coworking and Company Culture

Marc Andreessen once famously said that 'software is eating the world,' and that if your business can't be boiled down to a simple (software) solution it probably doesn't have much of a chance. Or at...

Thanks to GCUC in NYC

Really enjoyed the conference. Great to be there and see so many friends and meet new people in the coworking industry! [View the story "GCUC NYC 2017" on Storify] Here's an insightful article recapping the event: 14 Takeaways from GCUC...

Enterprise Coworking

[caption id="attachment_46452" align="alignright" width="504"] WeWork + IBM[/caption] It was recently announced that WeWork, the global coworking chain, has signed a deal to manage an entire office building for IBM in Manhattan. Up to 800 employees will...

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