OPENWORK AGENCY Announces The Coworking 2020 Platform for Real Estate Developers and Change-Minded Companies

A turnkey consulting solution managed online- from concept to launch.

AUSTIN, TexasNov. 26, 2018 /PRNewswire/ — OpenWork Agency, a global coworking consultancy, has announced the launch of a Consulting as a Service (CaaS) offering for asset owners, real estate investors and developers. Managed online, the platform guides clients through eight phases of the coworking business development process.  The platform can also be utilized by organizations interested in achieving greater flexibility in their corporate real estate strategy.

“After working with clients around the world for the past four and a half years, we’ve identified the core needs and challenges that our clients consistently experience, and we’ve built a platform model to anticipate those thresholds and pain points,” said Andrew Jones, PhD, OpenWork’s Founding Partner.

The platform guides clients through the necessary requirements and phases to get a coworking business from an idea to a reality.  It is a flexible solution that can be adapted to the needs of a wide range of clients, from individual asset owners to global property companies.

“Many of our clients come to us with a desire to ‘get into coworking,’ but don’t know how or where to get started.  They are typically weighing whether they want to do a franchise or develop their own brand.  We are the white label coworking solution.  Our service more or less replaces the need for a franchise, because we help them through the whole development process.  They end up with their own brand and operation, and they are also spared the franchise royalty fee,” Jones said.

OpenWork Agency is best known for being the first full-service coworking consultancy in the world.  It specializes in helping clients maximize revenue per square foot, via the coworking premium. The agency has supported clients from individual entrepreneurs to multi-billion-dollar REITs.


OPENWORK AGENCY LLC. ( is a boutique, global workplace strategy and coworking consultancy founded by industry pioneers, Andrew Jones and David Walker. OpenWork has worked with asset owners and coworking startups throughout the world. Having been in the coworking industry for over a decade, members of the OpenWork team have published extensively, and have written both the first book on coworking as well as the first book on corporate coworking.

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Start at the Beginning: The Corporate Coworking Feasibility Assessment

“It’s best to start at the beginning”

Over the past five years we have conducted coworking feasibility assessments for numerous projects around the world- US, Central America, Asia, Middle East, Africa. Most of the projects have been with building owners and developers interested in diversifying their portfolios by ‘getting into coworking.’ Some are very optimistic about making a go at it, while others seem quite unsure about this coworking thing.

Regardless of the client’s level of optimism, we always like to start at the beginning. That is, is a coworking project a good idea in this particular building in this particular city? Thus the growth of our coworking feasibility business.

Gone Corporate

In the first few years, developers were looking to build coworking businesses for ‘traditional’ coworkers- freelancers, startups, solopreneurs, etc. Over the past two years, though, demand for coworking has shifted significantly towards corporate users, who now make up the fastest growing segment of coworking members.

Yet, across the broader corporate landscape, relatively few companies have yet to embrace the coworking model (on campus or off campus), and there are still some pockets out there where people don’t even know that coworking is a thing. In these cases, it makes sense that they have access to a feasibility assessment process similar to that which real estate entrepreneurs have been using for the past several years.

The Corporate Coworking Feasibility Assessment

To address this emerging need, this week we have launched our Ten Part Corporate Coworking Feasibility Assessment. Combining design, utilization, behavioral, and financial metrics, we integrate a combination of CRE and HR insights to help firms determine if coworking is right for them. We provide an honest assessment and recommendations, and we understand that coworking will not be right for many firms. We do no hesitate to make a ‘No Go’ recommendation. For those firms where it does make sense, we bring to bear our ten years experience in the industry to help guide along the way. This might result in selecting a 3rd party coworking operator such as WeWork or Industrious, or it might be in helping them design and operate an in-firm coworking space of their own. Just depends on the results of the feasibility process.


This article was originally posted on LinkedIn by OpenWork Agency Partner, Drew Jones, PhD.

OpenWork Partner, David Walker- panelist at 18HX

Please join PDR for 18HX— Eighteen Hacks

Enjoy craft drinks, small bites and inspiring conversation among friends.

18HX brings together a panel of six expert “hackers” who traffic in Cultural Capital. Each of our guests will reveal how they are actively reprogramming the realms of Hospitality, Social Impact, Brand Identity, Data Science, Real Estate and Workplace Engineering.

Come learn eighteen inspirational practices to carry with you into 2018.

Hacker:  noun  hack·er  \ ˈha-kər \ A disrupter of legacy networks. An expert at programming and solving problems; who cleverly exposes the weaknesses of a system and improvises solutions that rattle convention.



Brian Carrico
Co-Founder of The Guild
Brian Carrico is the Co-Founder of The Guild, an Austin-based hospitality company. The Guild is a technology-enabled hospitality company with a design focus that relies on a dedicated and motivated team to deliver amazing guest experiences. Brian believes that the company will only achieve its lofty goals by creating a rewarding workplace with a team focused on guest service.


Royal Frasier
Notley Ventures Director of Communications & Founder of RAD Office Tour
Royal is the Co-Founder & Executive Director of RAD Office Tour, Austin’s first Workplace Design Tour taking place in May 2017. Her background combines community impact, marketing and PR communications. Currently she consults on communication strategies for architecture, design and technology companies such as NBBJ, argodesign, CognitiveScale and the University of Texas for Integrated Design. Royal also leads communications for Austin Design Week.

Annahita Julie & Jackie_0001_Julie.jpg

Julie Savasky
Associate Partner at Pentagram Design
Julie Savasky is an Austin-based graphic designer. After 22 years at international design consultancy, Pentagram, she now operates her own design practice which focuses on solving client’s communication problems through storytelling, brand awareness and culture. Her body of work includes editorial design, identity, strategy, web design and environmental graphics and has won awards from Graphis, Communication Arts, Society of Publication Designers, and Texas Institute of Letters among others. Julie                                                                holds a Bachelor of Arts degree from Southwestern University.

Annahita Julie & Jackie_0002_Layer 1.jpg

Annahita Varahrami
Program Manager at IBM Cloud Garage
Annahita joined IBM in 2013 after an 8-year career as a clinical social worker in nonprofit and private practice. She brings critical thinking coupled with human- centered approaches to develop programs focused on cultivating rich, compassionate culture within IBM Cloud Garages worldwide. Annahita’s ability to connect with people has allowed her to successfully lead client-focused Garage initiatives, driving new business and opening new locations with innovation as a priority.

Annahita Julie David & Jackie_0000_Layer 3.jpg

David Walker
Partner at OpenWork Agency
David Walker is a Partner at OpenWork Agency, a global workplace strategy consultancy with roots in the coworking industry.  David brings nearly a decade of experience working in the coworking industry. Prior to co-founding OpenWork Agency, David co-founded and led operations at Conjunctured (2008-2014), one of the original coworking communities in the world. Conjunctured received global acclaim for being a unique community and innovative workspace alternative.

Annahita Julie & Jackie_0000_Jackie.jpg

Jackie Wheat
Principal + Director of Design at PDR
Jackie Wheat, is the Design Director at PDR and leads both the Interior Design and Visual Communication teams.  Her teams transform program and strategy into design solutions and help clients identify their brand while creatively infusing it into their workplace.  Jackie has a passion for thoughtful placemaking that connects people and expresses the client’s vision, identity and culture. The results are tailored, sensorial environments that both inspire and leave a lasting impression.

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Thursday, February 22, 5:30 pm – 7:30 pm
PRINTpress 1209 E. Cesar Chavez St., Austin, Texas 78702

Flexible Office Conference: See you at GWA in Miami Sept 11 – Sept 13

OpenWork Agency, Partners, Benjamin Dyett and Liz Elam, will be attending this year’s GLOBAL WORKSPACE ASSOCIATION’s Flexible Office Conference

Workspace As a Service 3.0

This year, the GWA’s flexible office conference looks at the next evolution of the industry, engaging flexible office providers, users and service/product vendors in a forward-looking dialogue to shape the industry’s future. At this year’s event, you will meet the people investing in the industry (we’re calling this “meet the money”), and meet the corporate users that many think will be the sustainability driver for the next generation of spaces.

Come for the content, stay for the beach…and the pool…and the gym…and the the 1 Hotel South Beach. Our promise to you is to keep the conversation compelling enough to keep you off the beach…we’ll let you go as far as the pool bar between 9 am and 3 pm. The hotel hosts the first “Spartan Gym” and sits next to a Soul Cycle. The food is amazing and the beach beverages are plentiful.

  DEEP DIVE INTO THE FUTURE   Two facilitated and highly interactive sessions: “Deep Dive on Attracting Corporate Users” and “Deep Dive into the Future of Shared Workspace.”
  MEET THE MONEY   Get an inside look at the investors in today’s flexible office. Hear directly from asset owners, investors, and lenders.
 BUILD YOUR BUSINESS SESSIONS    Hosted by Casey Clark and Dave LeVeque with Cultivate Advisors. Take a deep dive into your business needs in leadership or marketing.
  THE FUTURE OF COMMERCIAL REAL ESTATE   Commercial real estate is evolving. What role does shared workspace play in this future environment? How are the models shifting and what are the opportunities?
  FINANCING BREAKOUT SESSIONS    Two separate sessions focus on unique financing and traditional financing. Choose your own adventure and get all of your questions answered in an open forum.

OpenWork Partner, Benjamin Dyett, announced as panelist- The Space Age: Innovative and Traditional Office Solutions

The Space Age: Innovative and Traditional Office Solutions. Economic and lifestyle changes are driving many consultants and nonprofits to rethink the design of their workplace arrangement. Work-at-home professionals and consultants in small shops are finding coworking an attractive style of work that addresses the problem of isolation and loss of human interaction by providing a shared working environment. Nonprofits who are looking to decrease their overhead costs and improve efficiency are finding shared space offers a solution as well as opportunities to collaborate with organizations with complementary mission objectives. Still others find long-term lease and facility purchase best meet their needs. Join us for presentations about the advantages and challenges of these options and possible strategies you can use to address them.

Confirmed panelists are:

  • Benjamin Dyett, Partner, Openwork Agency; Co-Founder/former Co-President, Grind, who’ll provide an overview of coworking spaces and their genesis.
  • David Lebenstein, Executive Managing Director, Co-Director, Nonprofit Specialty Practice, Cushman & Wakefield, who’ll provide an overview of the benefits and challenges of the lease/buy options;
  • Jeff Simon, Owner & Principal, Jeffrey Simon Architect and Designer, who’ll provide an overview of renovation considerations for new and current space; and
  • Kate Sherwood, Associate, M. Arthur Gensler, Jr. & Associates, who’ll will serve as moderator. She knows well the innovative and traditional workspace options.

ANS Educational/Networking Event
Thursday, July 20, 2017
8:30 AM – 12 Noon

The Foundation Center
32 Old Slip
New York City


This event made possible by generous support from Cushman & Wakefield

OpenWork Partner, David Walker, Featured Panelist at Bisnow’s Workplace of the Future (Event): How Tech is Disrupting Houston’s Traditional Office Scene



While some may still aspire to work in a “corner office”, many others are embracing the Workplace of the Future. All over Houston, employers are redefining the term “office”.

What are architects, interior designers, general contractors and project managers being asked to include in their future buildings and corporate campuses? And what will building owners and developers need to provide in order to entice new tenants to move in? Also, what new technologies will companies need to consider adding?

Join us at another top-notch Bisnow event, and enjoy breakfast and networking with your friends and colleagues in the business!

OpenWork attends EcoDistricts Summit in Denver, CO- Introduces ‘Civic Coworking’ Initiative to help economic development strategy introduce the coworking model

Our experienced coworking leaders have worked with cities, economic development groups, and non-profits that want to better their communities through coworking and collaboration. The team comes from all over the US and can relate and develop plans for small towns that are struggling to keep young people to cities that need to capture the entrepreneurial energy.

Learn more & download our civic coworking brochure

About EcoDistricts Summit:

The world’s only conference dedicated to neighborhood- and district-scale sustainability. This September 13-15, urban leaders worldwide convened in Denver CO to explore the role of district-scale innovation to address some of most critical issues facing city makers today

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