Long before the Covid-19 crisis, employees of all generations have been seeking greater flexibility in how they do their work.

Many have referred to this as a ‘flexibility gap’ in the way that companies manage their people and their workspace. The current crisis has gifted us an opportunity to rethink and reset the when, where, and how of work.

Our LEMR Change Model is a data-driven approach

LEMR helps companies define their own unique flexible working path through the four steps of the process: listening, enabling, measuring, and refining. Outcomes are unique but can result in a range of flexible workplace solutions, from activity based working, to hybrid officing (at office + at home), to coworking, to wholesale workplace redesign and rationalization. We start with the specific desires and needs of your employees, and help you build a custom solution based on those needs. We put people first.

Change Management White Papers

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