A rigorous look at the corporate implications of embracing coworking + recommendations for going forward.

In the first few years, developers were looking to build coworking businesses for ‘traditional’ coworkers- freelancers, startups, solopreneurs, etc. Over the past two years, though, demand for coworking has shifted significantly towards corporate users, who now make up the fastest growing segment of coworking members.

Yet, across the broader corporate landscape, relatively few companies have yet to embrace the coworking model (on campus or off campus), and there are still some pockets out there where people don’t even know that coworking is a thing. In these cases, it makes sense that they have access to a feasibility assessment process similar to that which real estate entrepreneurs have been using for the past several years.

As one of the world’s leading coworking consultancies, we have deep experience with coworking feasibility assessments, and we pride ourselves on providing objective outputs and thoughtful advice. Learn more about the OpenWork Corporate Coworking Feasibility Assessment