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Humans @Work Issue #1

Hello, Welcome to the first issue of our newsletter- Humans @Work. In this series we will share some of our own thoughts as well as those of other companies and individuals who inspire us. We hope you find it useful, and we would love to hear

The Technology is the Culture

Leaping Across the Chasm Over the past several weeks millions of Americans have been forced to use technologies in ways that they never knew they could. Zoom (and 'zoom calls') has become a household name in short order. Slack, the simple messaging platform, has also quickly leaped the chasm

The Design Ecology of Work

In a previous book- The Fifth Age of Work- I began with a simple but perhaps odd question: What would HR in a company look like if a designer were put in charge? I tried to answer that question as best as I could, but I think

Trust: Making it Work

In a much overlooked 2007 article, "Dignity at Work" (in the journal Organization), sociologist Andrew Sayer outlines the connections between employee autonomy, trust in employees, respect for their work, and being taken seriously as the foundations for what he calls 'dignity at work.' Sayer was approaching the subject

Activity Based Coworking

What's in a word? Or a phrase? Over the past thirty years companies of all stripes and sizes have embraced the concept of activity based working (ABW). ABW is a workplace strategy where employees do not have a fixed office or workstation, but rather work in different

Hotel Coworking featured in Today’s Hotelier

OpenWork Founding Partner, Andrew Jones, recently published a guest article in Today's Hotelier. The article, discussing the growing trend of Hotel Coworking, opens the door to the opportunity of embracing the coworking model within the existing hospitality industry ecosystem. Read the article, Your (Meeting) Room

OpenWork dot Design

Over the past five years we have been helping asset owners and real estate developers with their various coworking projects. Some of these have been at the early stage, conducting feasibility assessments to get to a go/no-go decision, while others have been turnkey projects. Turnkey projects