Coworking Consulting

Advisory Services for Real Estate Professionals and Companies
We are a team of coworking veterans who consult with real estate developers and companies looking to embrace coworking within their respective business models.

The two domains- corporate real estate and company HR- are closely related in that large firms are the tenants occupying the spaces owned and managed by real estate professionals.  Changing demand for more flexible and efficient use of space is impacting both. We provide coworking advisory services for both groups:

For Real Estate Professionals, we assist with:

  • CRE Coworking
    • Portfolio Strategy
    • Market Analysis
    • Business Model Development and Strategy
    • Brand Strategy and Design
    • Technology Platform
    • Space Design and Planning
    • Community Manager Staffing and Training Packages
    • Coworking Operations Manual
    • Critical Documents Package

For Companies, we assist with:

  • Enterprise Coworking
    • Transition Services
    • Assessments and Surveys
    • Innovation Workshops
    • Change Management
    • Workplace Strategy
    • Workplace Culture Evolution
    • Community Development
    • Community Manager Training (HR focused)
    • In-firm coworking managed service
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