Coworking for Mixed-Use / Multifamily Projects

Amplify Your Community With Your Own Coworking Brand

Where people live and work is shifting as the world adapts to Covid-19. Hybrid working is now a reality, and more people are working on their own terms than ever before. In light of these changes, multifamily residential communities, especially those located within thoughtfully designed mixed-use projects, are becoming important locations and potential revenue sources in what is a new phase of urban planning and development.

  • Quality workspace becoming a ‘must have’ feature of holistic living
  • Attract non-residents to expand revenue potential and community amplication

Real estate developers now understand that having quality workplaces within these communities is pushing the envelope from ‘nice to have amenity’ to a ‘must have’ feature of holistic living. Coworking is the perfect partner for making this happen. Coworking spaces are now finding homes in multifamily communities, providing a much needed balance between home life and work life. Additionally, well designed and managed spaces can attract non-residents into the mix, which expands revenue potential and community amplification.

Considering Building Your Own Coworking Community?

OpenWork Agency’s coworking development process can take your project from concept to fully operational. Our process unfolds in three phases, designed to help you determine if coworking can be a revenue and community amplifier in your project.



Facilitated coworking strategy workshop to explore if coworking is a good fit for your project.

  • Industry relevance
  • Location dynamics
  • Finance
  • Cultural Fit

Thorough feasibility assessment, complete with financial projections and market analysis.

  • Pro Forma
  • Comps
  • Space planning/allocation requirements
  • CapEx and OpEx
  • Should you create your own brand and operations platform
  • Scalable across multiple projects?
  • Direct sublease to existing coworking operator