Deploy an operational-ready coworking brand in your property.

How can your building, or portfolio of buildings, capture the energy and vibrancy of coworking spaces? How do you re-imagine and re-present your office spaces to accommodate the rapidly changing demands for more flexible leasing, more collaborative and social spaces, and more activity-based officing?

We support Asset Owners with our Operator Services Program. We are help CRE firms to identify appropriate floor plates (lobbies, mezzanines, difficult-to-lease spaces) that can be ‘Turnkeyed’ into building-wide coworking offerings. Our vision is to help building owners/managers turn their buildings social, by combining membership management software, with reservation and booking software, with building-centric virtual coworking software. The combined platform is a plug and play CRE coworking solution that can be rolled out anywhere.

Services for individual buildings, all linked via an integrated platform, include:
  • Site assessment and selection
  • Design & Planning
  • Creative Meeting Spaces
  • Flex Floor
  • Integrated software platform built into site-specific website
  • Operations manual
  • Hiring and training the community manager
  • Responsibility for day to day management
  • Management contract
  • KPI’s to measure performance

Enhance the desirability of your buildings to make them a destination for tomorrow’s workforce. Drive a premium to your rent rates.