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David Walker

Partner, OpenWork Agency

One of the original pioneers of the global coworking movement, David brings 11 years of experience working in the coworking industry, having co-founded and led operations at Conjunctured, one of the original 50 coworking spaces in the world. (Today there 16,000+ spaces across the globe).

In late 2014, after six years of coworking across three locations, Conjunctured closed its doors. Following its closure, in an effort to open the ‘coworking model’ into greater society, Conjunctured partners, Drew and David, co-founded the consulting firm, OpenWork Agency- the world’s first coworking consultancy.

For the past five years OpenWork Agency has worked with clients in the US, Central America, the Middle East, Asia, the Caribbean, and Africa at various stages in the coworking strategy and implementation process.

David’s personal mission: to help evolve outdated models of work into dynamic, ecosystems of collaboration.

David is one of the original pioneers of the global coworking movement.

E: david@openwork.agency | Connect on Linkedin 

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