'Flexibility Gap'

Does your organization suffer from a ‘flexibility gap’ between employee expectations and employee experience?

Employee Energy and Morale

Are employee energy and morale suffering under the weight of legacy rules, policies, and work routines?

Oversized and Underutilized Workspaces

Are you wasting valuable resources on oversized and underutilized workspaces?

Increase Collaboration and Innovation

Are you looking to increase collaboration and innovation in your teams?

Our Flexibility Program helps companies address these and related challenges.

Employee Flexibility Program
Data-driven and iterative. Designed to help companies make the journey to ‘new ways of working.’

Journey to new ways of working.

This can include activity based working (ABW), coworking, remote working, or some flexible hybrid of these.

At the heart of flexibility is choice.

Empowering employees with choice and autonomy is proven to increase trust and commitment.  Higher levels of trust and commitment lead to greater energy and productivity. It is a virtuous spiral, provable in the data.

Our Solution

Combining fifteen years of HR consulting with six years of designing creative coworking spaces for clients around the world, we have developed a proprietary four-part process that helps companies through the entire transformation journey.

Utilization & Preference Surveys + Culture & Innovation Surveys

We start with the Discovery phase, where we use our proprietary assessment tools to better understand baseline data regarding worker types (Worker Type Indicator™)  in the company, and workstyle preferences and current utilization (My Work Routine™). We also gather data on current levels of organizational energy (Organizational Energy Index™), relative degree of openness in the company (OQ- Openness Quotient™), and commitment to innovation (Innovation Index). 

 OpenWork Survey Suite:

  • Worker Type Indicator™
  • My Work Routine™
  • Organizational Energy Index™
  • Openness Quotient™
  • Innovation Index
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Culture/Strategy Alignment

After collecting baseline data we then work with the senior leadership team to identify blockages and resistance to the change process. We use our own leadership assessment (Open Leadership Survey) , a 360 review process, and one on one interviewing and coaching to align leadership with the transformation journey.

 Key Components:

  • Open Leadership Survey™
  • 360 review process
  • One on One interviewing and coaching

Pilot Experimentation

In the spirit of design thinking we encourage clients to run a series of pilot programs to measure the efficacy of changes in workforce policies and work routines. The purpose of each of these is to enhance choice and autonomy for employees in order to create an updated and future-focused employee value proposition. We have developed the My Workday App to poll participants in the pilots on a regular basis (once a week), to measure the effectiveness of the experiments. The app is an A/B test tool that asks three quick questions each week: Where are you working? What are you working on? What is your level of energy & engagement?

 Key Components:

  • Pilot Programs
  • My Workday App™
  • 360 review process
  • One on One interviewing and coaching

Commit to New Policies & Procedures

As a data-driven consultancy we are confident that the data will prove themselves over time and that clients will extend flexibility to larger populations within the company. This might result in bringing in a design firm to create a full ABW work environment, or it might lead to the decision to allow some portion of the staff to join a WeWork or other nearby coworking space. It might also lead to more modest and less transformative flex policies, or possibly to the decision to take no new action at all.

 Possible Outcomes:

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