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Free Remote Working Resource

As the world reels from the social distancing that COVID-19 has forced upon us, many people find themselves working from home.For people who have had more traditional work arrangements in the past, this might be a first and even a shock. For others who work primarily at an office but occasionally at home (or a coworking space), the mandate to stay at home is perhaps equally disorienting.  No one knows exactly how long we will be required to ‘shelter in place,’ so the specific requirements of remote working have become top of mind for many companies and millions of people.

As a workplace strategy consultancy, we think a lot about the world of work in all of its dimensions. Along the way we have become aware of countless amazing tools and companies that can support remote workers right now as we all scramble to keep things going during the crisis.  To that end, we have compiled a list of resources (categories + links) that hopefully will help companies and their employees as they settle in for the long haul.  This is far from being an exhaustive list of resources, tools, and service providers, so please feel free to inform us about other offerings that we should add to the guide.

The following guide is divided into 15 categories, with direct links within each.

In the interest of speed, we have kept our own comments to a minimum, hoping that people can find the info/services that they need as quickly/easily as possible.

Cultural Values that Scale Remotely

Document Sharing

Home Office Provisioning

Leadership of Remote/ Distributed Teams

Managing Culture & Connection- Tools

Managing Culture & Staying Connected- Practical Tips

Meetings/Video Conferencing

Messaging & Daily Communication

Project Management

Remote Work Consulting

Remote Working Training & Readiness

Understanding (Real Time) Employee Experience & Engagement

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