Humans at Work is a collaborative made up of passionate change advocates.

Openwork came upon the idea of a collaborative organically as a follow up to a Neo-Connect panel of like minded experts that were driven to explore and examine the contradictions inherent in inclusive design for all generations – especially during the pandemic and how we might come out of it. The conversation there was too engrossing to let go, so the conversations continued and more voices were added. The individuals in the collaborative write articles, speak and convene from time to time when there is an issue that would benefit from design thinking.

The collaborative is comprised of a diverse group of scholars and practitioners from different backgrounds.

In the collaborative we have: an organizational psychologist, a medical school/public health professor, a public health/business school professor, an architect, a change strategist, an environmental psychologist, a design strategist, and an organizational anthropologist. In that respect we are interdisciplinary in our approach(es), and in that sense we extend the innovative work ongoing at the Interdisciplinary Center for Healthy Workplaces at UC Berkeley.

As we shape our individual and collective visions, those that choose to engage in the collaborative employ multiple tools and resources – using Covid-19 as a powerful moment in time for transformational change in how we work and live.

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