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This is a weird time indeed for us to launch our newsletter. As the world goes through a massive and collective reset, we too have been using the current moment to think about our future and how we can better serve our clients

Some people have already thrown up their hands as if to say that everything is forever broken and nothing will ever be the same again. It may be true that things won’t ever be the same, but things will be again, and we all need to be capable of getting back in the game. It is our hope that the contemplation and mindfulness that we have all been forced into will help us reset our values and priorities and that we will emerge slightly evolved.

This Moment and the Future of Change Management

Long before the arrival of Covid-19 we have been working on a platform-based approach to helping companies devise and implement flexible working strategies. Our’s is a data-driven process where we gain insight into worker types, preferences, and routines, and help define a path forward that provides maximum choice and flexibility to employees while helping rationalize real estate footprints for companies at the same time.

Our view is that, because of the ubiquity of corporate network access, the whole world is our office. Work can be and is often done…anywhere. It just happens that right now everyone is working from home (WFH).

Going forward, our assumption is that many people will be eager to return to their places of work to experience the immediate social connection that makes work both more meaningful and more effective. Yet, once that phase has passed, it is likely that some portion of the corporate world will have discovered that distributed work actually works.

Until then, we have created a Remote Working Culture Needs Assessment that we are offering for free to firms interested in understanding what is working and what isn’t during the current WFH moment. We will put together a brief Gap Analysis based on your employees’ responses, and will make that available to you.

Free Remote Working Culture Needs Assessment

Free Remote Working Culture Needs Assessment

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