At the beginning of the pandemic we all began working from home. Many companies and managers were afraid that systems would break and productivity would plummet and effectiveness and departments would be disrupted.

However, as we went further through the greatest work from home experiment in the history of the global economy, we came to realize that working from home does work after all. Sure, it took some getting used to and some systems indeed did break, but new technologies and new methods for staying connected and staying productive arose within companies and teams. We are an adaptable people and we are a people who enjoy flexibility in the way that we work.

Continuing to give employees flexible work options (where people can choose to ‘work from home’ vs ‘work from the office’ vs ‘work from a coworking space’) is an important part of empowering an employee and innovating an organization’s flexibility strategies.

Work from home works. (And so does the office and coworking spaces).

At the end of the day, it’s giving your workforce CHOICE that works!