Create an Open Organization

Customize your hybrid working solution

Employee Choice

Our hybrid working solution and OpenWork Platform are designed around the principle of employee choice. We believe that people are happier, more productive, and stay in organizations longer when they have a say in when, where, and how they work. The pandemic has confirmed this.


We help your organization transition from pre-pandemic assumptions and ways of working to more open and employee-centric designs and ways of working. The platform introduces our tool for sustainable hybrid working–the OpenWork App– which facilitates: flexible working and employee choice, social connection, employee engagement data collection, space utilization data collection, and smarter real estate decision making.


Discovery & Understanding


Alignment & Planning

  • Consensus Building
  • Policies & Procedures Development

Launch App & Get to Work

  • Team Scheduling
  • Resource Booking
  • Employee Check ins
  • Data Collection
  • Ongoing Reporting

Ready to Get Started?

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