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Our partners and consultants are thought leaders in the domains of corporate culture, workplace design and coworking, and organizational design and team effectiveness. OWA founding partner Drew Jones will publish his fourth book in Spring 2023- Five Questions: How to design a more engaged and adaptive culture.

The book provides a simple framework that helps organizations understand and transform their cultures and spaces anthropologically- from the employees’ point of view. The premise of the book: If you treat your employees like humans, you can unlock their full energy and potential and create a more innovative organization.

Treat your employees like humans. Create a more innovative organization.

The Five Questions book consists of 16 case studies (Costco, W.L. Gore, Southwest Airlines, SAS, Wegmans Markets, Patagonia, Nike, Microsoft, FAVI, Morningstar Tomatoes, Haier Electronics, Coworking Industry, Chobani, Veldhoen and Company, Salesforce, Automattic), which demonstrate how aligning company strategy with the basic human needs of employees can create a virtuous spiral of corporate performance. Drew has published three previous books on innovation, design, and the future of work.

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