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Leadership for the Hybrid Workforce

Covid-19 has accelerated the digital transformation of companies across nearly all sectors of the economy.

Open Leadership Program

Seemingly overnight, companies found themselves working remotely and trying to maintain connectivity and productivity in new ways. Recent research shows that by and large productivity has not declined, and in many cases it has actually increased during the work from home (WFH) period.

However, for many reasons both employees and managers miss and need the office too. Going forward, companies are exploring the development of hybrid workspaces and workforces, where employees work at the office, at home, and at other places of their choosing. The hybrid work environment is a new frontier of challenges and opportunities for company leaders as they leverage their digital transformation in ways that increase agility, innovation, and engagement.

Why the Program?

As transition partners, our goal is to help companies develop their own unique approach to managing and leading their hybrid workforce. The Open Leadership Program helps translate effective leadership behaviors to the new context of offline/online leadership.

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