Hybrid Workplace Ecsosystem which includes MetaverseWhen we first put together the hybrid workplace strategy ecosystem diagram so that we can map out the array of strategies in today’s future of work, you’ll notice that one key node that exists within it is the “work from metaverse.” Although the metaverse office model may feels like a buzz phrase to those who have yet to be initiated into the pragmatism of its use, it certainly belongs in today’s hub and spoke corporate workplace strategy model.

In its most simplest use case, a metaverse deployment is simply a communication platform like Zoom, Facebook Workplace, Google Meet, GoToMeeting, Slack, etc.

The upsides of wildly accepted platforms like these are their simplicity and straightforwardness at what one can do in these environments. Whereas a metaverse environment that is customized for companies, it can do all the above. Certainly it requires mental dexterity and an innovation mind to jump into the deep end of every day metaverse usage. As corporations are managing their organization-wide real estate strategies for their workforce (work from home, corporate headquarters, company satellite locations, coworking spaces, etc.) nodes like the metaverse belong too, as they exist with the intent to have a “place” where an employee can touch down to connect with coworkers, clients, and colleagues.

There are numerous Metaverse platforms that exist today, each with their own unique value propositions and appeals to different types of uses and users.

What are some of your key goals for utilizing the metaverse? This drives your platform choices.

Each platform offers different values and features depending on the purpose and experience you’re trying to achieve with your customized deployment.

What are the costs involved to operate a metaverse office?

Each platform has costs around subscriptions, number of users, startup design fees, importing floorplans vs utilizing template environments, security & privacy, white-label usage, and more. The monetization model around the metaverse can sometimes be expensive and can sometimes be inexpensive. At the end of the day, if the metaverse is being utilized effectively by your company to minimize costs associated with physical real estate, it is a huge cost saver. Which companies are embracing the metaverse?

Are you curious who some of our favorite Metaverse platforms are?

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Example work environmental metaverse templates from the FRAME platform:

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