Have You Visited an Office in the Metaverse Yet?

An Interactive Metaverse Office can be Customized for Your Company; VR Meetings, Private Offices, Engaging & Innovative


OpenWork Metaverse

Experience an Immersive Brand Value Proposition in your own Customized Office Metaverse

The idea is that when you, your team, your customers, etc walk into your space they FEEL your brand. They EXPERIENCE your brand. Functionally: users are able to share their webcam, their screens, and create custom avatars. It can successfully supplement and even replace Zoom, Google Meet, etc.

Adds a level of fun and innovation to your business approach.
Team Conference room + Users can even have their own offices

Need a metaverse team office or metaverse coworking space? We can help. Your Brand. Your People. Your Culture.

Need a metaverse office as part of your hybrid workplace strategy? We can build it for you. Your Brand. Your People. Your Culture.

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