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The hybrid workplace ecosystem includes a variety of places to work from. Where will your people work today? Tomorrow?

Is the metaverse office the next chapter in your hybrid workplace strategy?

Recent research suggests that 50% of companies are considering adding a virtual, online office to their mix of hybrid work locations. Amazon, Accenture, Google, and Microsoft are already there.

Between in-person working and the flatness of Zoom meetings, a metaverse office is a new 4th place for companies to gather.

Explore how a custom metaverse office helps amplify company culture by keeping teams connected in real time.


Learn how a custom metaverse office can enhance your organization’s hybrid strategy and culture

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Metaverse Client Questionnaire

How to start the conversation? Let us know what you’re looking for. The metaverse is still a new landscape. To help us better serve you, please fill out this short questionnaire (also below) so that we can cater our recommendations to your specific needs.

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‘Metaverse for Workplace Strategy’

This discovery workshop is for companies and individuals interested in discussing the metaverse as it relates to the hybrid workplace ecosystem and strategic alignment with digital transformation initiatives. If you are interested, get in touch.

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An Interactive Metaverse Office can be Customized for Your Company; VR Meetings, Private Offices, Engaging & Innovative


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