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As corporate tenants rethink their office space requirements in the aftermath of the pandemic, millions of square feet of office space are becoming grey space- empty space in need of creative repurposing. What will asset owners do with all that space?

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We are a workplace strategy agency that helps envision, design, and manage flexible and open workspaces.

If you are a real estate developer looking to diversify your portfolio, we help you add coworking and flexspaces with our Coworking Operator Program. If you are an organization making the transition to hybrid and activity based working, we help you plan and implement a sustainable hybrid solution with our OpenWork Platform.

Coworking Office Typology

In 2023, we anticipate coworking jumping the fence to become an on-campus, primary office typology for companies looking to build a dynamic hybrid office operating model.

Research & Analytics

We help organizations ask the right questions to better understand where their employees work most effectively and which spaces best support their work.

Hybrid Solutions

Our research-led approach helps organizations customize flexible working strategies that fulfill employee expectations while keeping company strategy on track.

Activity Based Working

We help organizations transition to activity based working (ABW) to deliver real estate cost savings and workplace experiences that employees love.


We help real estate developers and CRE professionals adapt their portfolios with our proven approach to modeling, designing, and launching successful coworking operations.

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Expanding Your Workforce Horizons: How the Coworking-Style Office Serves Your Company’s Extended Community of Users

Discover how the Coworking Office Typology can benefit your company’s extended community of users, including employees, partners, vendors, and collaborators. Learn about the flexible workspace and how it optimizes real estate usage and enhances employee experience.

Returning to the Office in 2023: Operational Lessons from Coworking

Explore the potential benefits of coworking on campus as a strategy for companies to maximize real estate footprint efficiency and optimize employee experience. Learn from our research at OpenWork on how to navigate the challenges of returning to the office in 2023.

The Future is Now: 7 Reasons Why Hybrid Working is the Way to Work

Discover the top 7 reasons why hybrid working is the future of work. From employee well-being and sustainability to customer service and cost savings, hybrid working is the new standard in the modern workplace. Learn more in our blog post.

The Metaverse and the Future of the Office

Discover how the metaverse is transforming workplace strategy and enhancing collaboration, communication, and productivity in the office. Explore the potential of the metaverse and its role in a hybrid workplace strategy.

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