We partner with organizations to create more flexible and sustainable ways of working

Organizations and CRE professionals face unprecedented challenges as they adapt to the flexibility-demands of a post-pandemic environment.

The world of work is undergoing generational changes as organizations plot their return to office strategies and building owners adapt to meet those needs. Our team of experienced consultants serve as sherpas to guide teams as they find solutions that work for them.


We help organizations ask the right questions to better understand where their employees work most effectively and which spaces best support their work.

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Hybrid Feasibility Calculator

Our research-led approach helps organizations customize flexible working strategies that fulfill employee expectations while keeping company strategy on track.

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We help organizations transition to activity based working (ABW) to deliver real estate cost savings and workplace experiences that employees love.

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We help real estate developers and CRE professionals adapt their portfolios with our proven approach to modeling, designing, and launching successful coworking operations.

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