The centerpiece of the OpenWork culture transition process is the OpenWork Platform.

The platform is a People + Space analytics tool ties together critical HR data with workspace.  It polls employees about what type of knowledge worker they are, where they are most engaged, productive, and innovative.  

The platform is designed with both managers and employees in mind.  For managers and team leads, the platform helps you better understand where, how, when, and with whom your employees are most engaged, productive, and innovative.  The data gathered in the platform allows managers to know what types of knowledge workers are in the firm, with an eye towards customizing workplace solutions that enable greater autonomy, engagement and productivity.

For employees, the platform serves as an empowerment tool.  Over time, as we introduce the ‘My Workday App,’ the data are designed to facilitate individually customized workplace solutions for individuals and teams.  Today’s top knowledge workers want autonomy and agency in their work, and platform data are designed to facilitate this in the relationship between employees, team members, and their managers.

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