Change Management Platform

Enterprise coworking is a shift to a new way of working.

The OpenWork Change

Management Platform.

A new way of working

Enterprise coworking, whether on campus or off campus, is a shift to a new way of working. Because of this, it is important that firms can visualize, monitor, and manage the activities occurring in the space. We have developed the OpenWork platform to provide this oversight.

The platform enables managers to see who is working in the coworking area, what sorts of interactions are happening, who is communicating and collaborating with whom, what sort of new ideas are being generated in the space, and most importantly how the whole coworking process is impacting employee engagement and productivity. Studies of coworking communities indicate that levels of worker engagement and productivity far exceed those commonly found in most firms. Enterprise coworking is designed to improve those scores and in doing so create healthier companies. The are four key components in the platform:

1) Member


indicates who is working in the space, and when
check in

2) Social tool

captures online/offline interactions, conversations, and collaborations.

3) Employee Engagement

& Culture tool.

poses spot surveys bi-weekly to measure employee pulse among those working in the coworking space.

4) Control group

Same questions are posed to a group of colleagues who are not working in the coworking environment.

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