CRE Coworking

Coworking is disrupting (and innovating) the CRE office market
Coworking Strategy

Asset owners and property managers around the world are dealing with shifting demands for work and meeting spaces.  Coworking, which originated as an officing solution for freelancers, startups, and small businesses, has crossed the chasm and now appeals to workers of all stripes.  Our CRE coworking services help clients adapt to these changing demands through the following suite of services:

Our services.
From coworking.
Feasibility Assessments.

Using the basic inputs of the specific space (sq ft, price per sq ft, CapEx, FF&E, etc.), we will produce two 5 year Pro Forma, etc. Learn more >

Brand & Identity.

Often clients come to us with a general commitment to create a coworking offering within their portfolio, but don’t have a concept, brand 

Technology Strategy & Implementation.

We provide advisory services about hardware and software choices, as well as website design, development, and implementation.

Operations & Training.

We have synthesized our combined forty years of operational experience to help clients get up and running and self-sufficient.  This entails an IP transfer to our clients…

Leverage a 'best practices' coworking model
Coworking Advisory Services