Employer Branding and the Company of the Future

Enterprise coworking is a shift to a new way of working.

Employer Branding and

the Company of the Future.

benefits of offering a ‘coworking mode of work’ to employees

Enterprise coworking, particularly on-campus solutions, can be a powerful boon to a company’s culture and employment brand. In the future, we are confident that companies that offer coworking or coworking-like working conditions (defined around the principles of maximum choice, autonomy, flexibility and community) will simply be more attractive companies to work for than firms that require employees to work within narrowly defined spaces and policies.  

By offering a ‘coworking mode of work’ to current and future employees, firms can effectively re-fresh their core employee value proposition (EVP).  For firms that commit to upgrading their EVP through coworking, we integrate elements of the company culture- history, symbols, artifacts- in such a way to brand the new coworking space to highlight and amplify the company’s culture. Rather than merely re-designing a new office with fancy and expensive furniture, which is often the case with ABW solutions, our on-campus coworking spaces are down to earth and ‘of the company culture.’

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