Our Design Thinking Process of Culture Change

Kick-off Workshop/ Presentation

The Coworking Moment and Your Company Culture
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Culture & Coworking Readiness Survey

This helps the firm understand the current familiarity with and potential demand for coworking amongst employees, as well as the current cultural orientation of the company.
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Deep-dive Design Thinking Workplace & Culture Workshop

Survey results are delivered in report form, which is used as the guiding document for a two-day workshop to explore the place of coworking in the company’s culture and workplace strategy.
What is Design Thinking?

Strategy Roadmap

Survey report + workshop takeaways are synthesized into a strategy roadmap.
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Cowork Off-Campus.

We assist in finding and placing individuals and teams in an appropriate local coworking space

Cowork On-Campus.

Design and implement a pilot coworking environment on campus. Identify groups/teams to participate in the pilot space/experience, Measure and monitor engagement, satisfaction, and productivity, Extend and expand, or abandon.
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