Work Style Navigator

I am most effective when working alone.

I am most effective when working around others.

I prefer a quiet environment when I work.

I prefer the sound of a busy/social environment when I work.

I like ‘coming into the office’ every day.

If given the opportunity I would like to work at a coworking space.

I would rather work from home or a coffee shop than from an office.

I am intrigued by working around people from other companies.

I would prefer to work only around people from my company.

I highly value a social and collaborative work environment.

I feel like I deserve a private office.

I prefer to work at ‘odd’ (non-business) hours.

Work Style Navigator

Traditional- Conventional employee, at whatever level, who prefers to work in a private office at a company location.

Floater- An activity based worker (ABW) who likes to work ‘at the office’ but in different spaces at different times of the day/week.

Camper- Employee who seeks the adventure of coworking, but prefers to do so in the confines of a private office.

Explorer- Employee with a strong sense of adventure, who likes to work in open and social spaces around people from other companies and backgrounds.

Nomad- Employee who prefers to be completely untethered from any one physical location, working either from home or a coffee shop most of the time.