Early Stage Coworking Advisory

“From concept…to coworking,” let us help you as you venture into the industry. You can think of the team members at OpenWork as your allies or guides along the coworking journey.

We’ve been heavily involved in the coworking industry since the very beginning- and now we’re turning our attention to helping others succeed, as well. We have expertise in all aspects of the coworking industry and regularly work across the entire value chain. Our coworking suite of services can help you understand, strategize, and implement coworking solutions in a variety of circumstances. This includes educating clients in the specifics of the industry, and helping others develop their own brands as a white label service. We have a number of services including:

  1. Market/Feasibility Analysis
  2. Design/Planning
  3. Business Model Development
  4. Branding & Identity
  5. Technology
  6. Operations/Training
  7. Turnkey Coworking

Introductory consultations are free of charge. Get in touch to learn more.

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