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Are you thinking of starting a coworking space in 2020? OpenWork Agency is offering a special end-of-year ‘Business Model Feasibility Package” to help entrepreneurs and real estate professionals (or their clients) determine the financial and operational feasibility of a new coworking concept.

Limited Time Price: $1,500

What’s included?
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You will receive a formula-driven (multi-worksheet) Pro Forma spreadsheet enumerating: Revenue Per Sq Ft, NOI, Break Even Analysis, Industry-specific Operating Expenses, CapEx, FF&E estimates, Operating Margin, Various Charts and Graphs. Together these create a detailed financial picture for the efficacy of your coworking business, shown in two ways 1) monthly breakdown over 60 months 2) annual breakdown over 5 years. The financials can be utilized by your team to present the concept to your local lenders or prospective investors. The space allocation model can be utilized by your architect to design/plan the space.

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Coworking spaces are broken down into a combination of membership types (private offices, dedicated desks, coworking, meeting rooms, lounge, kitchen space, etc.). As part of this package, you will receive a recommended space allocation and a pricing matrix. The way a space is allocated is the driving force of your business model financial projections. This physical space allocation can be shared with your architect for any future design/planning process.

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This one page summary document (in PDF form) highlights the key elements of the financial findings, snapshots of the space allocation breakdown, and provides commentary about the efficacy of the proposed business.

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Also, included with this package is an extensive coworking operations manual,which will arm your team with the systems and processes for running the business. This manual can be delivered to you customized with your brand, which can demonstrate a further level of preparation as you consider launching your coworking initiative.

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