Activity Based Working

It is becoming clear that the industrial-style office where each employee has their own office or desk will soon be a thing of the past. But what will take its place?


Around since the mid-1990s, ABW is the office philosophy and strategy of the future. Multiple work zones where people plug in for different activities, ABW is predisposed to be a go-to solution in the hybrid era.

However, ABW requires significant adaptation among managers and staff. What does it mean for no one in the organization to have their own private space, or for people to work from home when they choose to? How does it change the way people work?

We are experienced financial modelers and help organizations calculate the real estate and human costs of shifting to a hybrid working strategy.

How is your workplace performing now? Many quantitative metrics will tell you what spaces are being used at what frequency, but don’t tell you about the human experience. We use qualitative (ethnographic) inquiry to understand employee experience across your portfolio.

We help facilitate a technology strategy that connects people to the office and to one another so that projects and strategy remain on track, wherever people are working.