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All companies around the world are rethinking their workplace strategies. A company’s need for the same type of fixed office from previous years has evolved into the need for a hybrid office strategy. What does this mean?

Windows office building for background at night

Companies are exploring hub and spoke strategies as they rightsize their HQ footprints, while leveraging an existing network of satellite office locations. These satellite locations are often coworking operators who have negotiated corporate memberships enabling their employees to have access to on-demand officing.

Further rethinking how the access works at the office is a necessary component to the strategy as the headquarter space will likely no longer be large enough to be able to consistently have all employees show up at the office at the same time. Reconfiguring the space usage so that it can be accessed like a coworking space  (for example booking a room, checking into a desk, coordinate schedules with coworkers, etc.) is becoming a must-have for hybrid workplace strategies. A close-knit strategy with external coworking operators as well as a flexible hybrid use strategy for existing offices is the next trend. This empowers both the employees to be able to come and go as they please through an app and also the managers to be able to manage occupancy and policies/procedures.