The Coworking-Style Office™

What if your company’s office was as energetic and inviting as the world’s most awesome coworking spaces? If so, maybe your employees would want to be on campus more often!

Over the past decade, coworking spaces have proven themselves to be an effective and attractive workplace typology that accommodates multiple user types, just-in-time-officing, operational efficiency, and meaningful co-presence and connectivity. All these elements are needed right now as organizations adapt to the hybrid work challenge.

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Post pandemic, companies looking to balance managers’ need for employee visibility with employees’ need for flexibility can thread the hybrid needle by converting conventional offices into high-sociality coworking-style offices. Converting to a coworking-style office is not 3rd party coworking (such as WeWork or Industrious). It is coworking on your campus!


Six Core Elements of a Coworking-Style Office:

Following the flow of ABW and coworking, employees choose when they want to be on campus.

Leverage long standing coworking software for scheduling, booking, and checking into rooms, desks, and offices, as well as for social connection and community.

Utilize the role of the community manager (borrowed from coworking) to foster intentional events and interactions to make on-campus work more compelling and fulfilling.

Rather than paying members and managing invoices, a coworking-style office is open to a mix of (non-paying) users who make up the company’s extended community:

Since the opening of the first coffee shop in 1475, people have gravitated to them for the coffee shop effect. This alone will bring people into the office.

Pictured: The Workable Cafe embedded into a Corporate Coworking Space that OpenWork helped develop in Nairobi, Kenya.

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We have helped organizations develop and operate coworking spaces around the world for a decade. Our specialized office conversion turnkey development process is flexible and adaptable to your specific company needs.