Asset owners and CRE professionals play a critical role in shaping how people work. Their willingness to innovate with their portfolios is transforming the corporate office landscape in positive ways.


Over the past fifteen years the coworking industry has grown from being a cutting edge social movement into a legitimate feature of the mainstream corporate office landscape.

We are one of the oldest coworking consultancies in the world. We have developed an A-Z turnkey development process, and have delivered coworking projects in the US, Asia, Africa. Latin America, and the Middle East.

We combine market feasibility assessments with robust financial projections (pro forma) to help investors understand the potential and risks associated with their proposed coworking projects.

Designing for coworking spaces is distinct from corporate office design. We have a decade of experience designing specifically for the density requirements of coworking.

We help real estate developers and entrepreneurs scope and design an effective tech stack to manage their coworking operations. We also provide operations manuals, check lists, and detailed staff training.