Operated by hotel staff, coworking spaces inside hotels are replacing business centers with “work lobbies” to offer as a paid-amenity for hotel guests and local members. Integrated with the hotel’s event calendaring system, the coworking infrastructure would allow for seamless on-demand bookings across the property.


Hotels that are exploring coworking as an add-on are faced with many strategic decisions. E.g. how to effectively allocate meeting rooms, hot desks, phone booths, work booths, studios.

Just like working in a multifamily or mixed use ecosystem a hotel coworking experience would include access to a gym, pool, and other value-adds that exist currently within the hotel infrastructure. Potentially concierge services etc. When guests check into a hotel it is increasingly common to have hospitality apps manage the experience. As the coworking industry evolves to embrace hotels and their guest experience, it is common to see hospitality apps integrated within coworking platforms. The challenge and opportunity is creating a seamless environment for your users and designing the business model so that it is profitable and automated and self-service as much as possible through technology.