According to the most current research, employees across most industries want some form of hybrid working model in the future. But how do you know if hybrid is right for your organization?


Embracing the flexibility of hybrid working not only provides employees what they want, it can also be a huge source of efficiency and cost savings in both the short term and long term.

We are specialists in running data-driven financial models to discover workplace scenarios that support more efficient and effective execution of company strategy. Our calculator helps organizations reduce the opportunity costs of ignoring the hybrid working opportunity

Through an initial discovery workshop, combined with information-gathering onboarding, we understand the specific dynamics of your organization so that we can develop accurate inputs for the calculator.

We are specialists in workplace research. We use both proprietary surveys and on-site qualitative (ethnographic) research to develop a deep understanding of challenges and opportunities.

We help organizations model the financial impact of addressless office and activity based working (ABW) to guide decision making about scheduling, desk-to-worker ratios, floor plate size, and office design.

Employee attrition data and future RE reduction data combine to create a financial snapshot of the potential net savings of various future scenarios, as compared with the current approach.

Calculator outputs help us generate a holistic summary, with recommendations, for how to move forward with hybrid working. Detailed implications for strategy, design, and implementation are outlined.