Hybrid Solutions

Organizations of all shapes and sizes are talking about hybrid working. But our research shows that this can mean very different things for managers and their employees.

Hybrid Feasibility Calculator

Flexibility in how people work is no longer a luxury, it is now an expectation. How companies respond to this changing dynamic will impact how they are able to attract and retain top talent.

Designing effective and sustainable workplace experiences requires balancing the needs of managers and employees, HR and facilities, leaders and customers.

We are experienced financial modelers and help organizations calculate the real estate and human costs of shifting to a hybrid working strategy.

How is your workplace performing now? Many quantitative metrics will tell you what spaces are being used at what frequency, but don’t tell you about the human experience. We use qualitative (ethnographic) inquiry to understand employee experience across your portfolio.

Space allocation and planning requirements continue to shift in the age of hybrid. We leverage our experience as space planners to help organizations design flexible space employees love.