Moving from insight and design to launch a new flexible workspace solution is a heavy operational lift. We have a decade of experience helping clients around the world do just this.

Coworking Technology

Operationalizing a flexible and hybrid workspace has many moving parts. Simply building a pretty space filled with amenities is not enough.

For the past decade we have helped asset owners around the world implement flexwork solutions in a variety of environments. We integrate the individual elements of the process into a holistic solution.

A new flexible workspace is only as effective as the manner in which it is used. We align the mandates of management with the needs of employees to develop sustainable policies and procedures to govern their usage.

With many people working remotely throughout the week, connecting employees with work and meeting spaces as well as with their teammates is crucially important. We help implement the necessary space management software to drive space efficiency and engagement.

Whether launching coworking, ABW, or hybrid working, new workspace/workforce management capabilities are required. We provide operations manuals as well as staff training to ensure that flexwork solutions are sustainable and achieve organizational objectives.