In the aftermath of the Covid-19 pandemic, an unprecedented amount of office space is either vacant or grossly underutilized. Building owners, CRE professionals, and tenant organizations are at a crossroads.

We believe in the power of the workplace to bring people together to accomplish great things. Yet, yesterday’s workspaces are no longer fit for purpose in the emerging hybrid world of work

We work with asset owners, CRE teams, and tenant organizations to discover sustainable flexible working solutions that help achieve their goals.

Our team serves as guides and facilitators to identify workspace strategy and direction that works for each organization.

We facilitate workshops with decision makers to understand current challenges and needs to develop an aligned vision that works for all stakeholders.

We are specialists in workplace research. We use both proprietary surveys and on-site qualitative (ethnographic) research to develop a deep understanding of challenges and opportunities.

Based on insights from visioning and assessments, we produce financial models to help understand the financial implications and opportunities of workplace transformation.

We help clients synthesize vision, insights, and financial data to outline a variety of scenarios to arrive at a plan of action.